Fon (Saowalak) (Mala) originally studied Political Science at Ramkhamhang University. However, after seeing how much her Aunt was able to help people with Thai massage she dedicated herself to learning this ancient, effective healing method. Fon studied Thai Massage therapy at ‘Thai Traditional Medical Service Society’ and believed that one day she could use her massage skills to help people just like her Aunt.

      After Fon completed university, she worked in Bangkok to practice her massage skills and gain experience. She came to New Zealand in 2008 to study English and began working as a massage therapist shortly after. In 2012 she became the manager of ‘Relaxing Original Thai Massage’.

       Fon changed the name to ‘Sanctuary Thai Massage & Spa’ in 2016 as her number one goal is for clients to abandon their stress, aches and worries at the door, have an authentic Thai experience and leave their ‘Sanctuary’ feeling blissful, positive and full of energy.

       Som (Kanjana) is Fon’s sister. While her mum was pregnant with Kanjana she had a craving for oranges. ‘Som’ is the Thai word for Orange!

       Som completed her massage course at ‘Thai Traditional Medical Service Society’ while she was studying Marketing at Maejo University. She wanted to learn Thai Massage as they always gave her relief from headaches and back pain and provided positive energy to concentrate on studying. When you feel stressed, have a headache or want positive energy please come see her to make you feel incredible.