Sanctuary Beauty

We also provide beauty treatments. You can combine the beauty treatment with your massage or simply experience a beauty treatment on its own.


Refreshing Facial

Your face will receive all the benefits of New Zealand’s luxurious range of natural Evolu® products.

You skin will be cleansed, refreshed and relaxed after the treatment.

45 mins           Single:   $69      Couple:    $129    Specialist:   $79

Refreshing Body Scrub

Refreshing Body Scrub

A full body scrub using exfoliating granules to gently remove dead skin cells. After the treatment your skin will feel gorgeously smooth and soft, with improved circulation. Try one, or combine our refreshing body scrub with other treatments.

45 mins           Single:   $69      Couple:    $129    Specialist:   $79


Ginger Body Scrub

Ginger is an ancient and effective health remedy used for improving blood flow, decreasing your LDL Cholesterol, soothing indigestion and nausea and making your skin glow when utilised for exfoliation. A ginger scrub helps to gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin. This helps to unclog pores and expose your skin’s underlying healthier layers.

45 mins           Single:   $69      Couple:    $129    Specialist:   $79

South Africa, Cape Town, Woman receiving spa treatment

Green Tea Body Scrub

Green tea is high in a specific type of antioxidant known as polyphenols also found in olives and grapes. Green tea is also shown to help with skin’s moisture retention, defence against sun damage, and even new skin cell development. This scrub will exfoliate your skin perfectly and give you smooth, reinvigorated skin.

45 mins           Single:   $69      Couple:    $129    Specialist:   $79


Sesame Body Scrub

Sesame seeds include a combination of vitamins and minerals and are one of the healthiest foods in the world. They help keep the skin moisturized and nourished and have been used in massage for centuries. Sesame oil scrub helps to prevent dry skin, alleviate rashes, and keep your skin hydrated and youthful

45 mins           Single:   $69      Couple:    $129    Specialist:   $79