(Saowalak) (Mala) originally studied Political Science at Ramkhamhang University. However, after seeing how much her Aunt was able to help people with Thai massage she dedicated herself to learning this ancient, effective healing method. Fon studied Thai Massage therapy at ‘Thai Traditional Medical Service Society’ and believed that one day she could use her massage skills to help people just like her Aunt.

Kanjan (Som)

Kanjan is my first name but most people call me Som as it is my nickname and it is also easy to remember. While my mum was pregnant with me, she had a craving for oranges. ‘Som’ is the Thai word for Orange!

I completed my massage course at ‘Thai Traditional Medical Service Society’ when I was only 18 years old. While I was studying at high school, I wanted to learn Thai Massage as I wanted to use massage to help my parents to relieve their pain and stress, as they were farmers. I also found myself having massages a lot as it helped with headaches and back pain which provided positive energy to concentrate on my studying. After high school, I went to Maejo University, I studied Marketing in Chiang Mai for four years. After I graduated in Thailand, I came to New Zealand to continue my studies by studying English first and then I decided to complete a diploma in Level 5 and 6 in business. Moreover, I challenged myself to study postgraduate level 8 in business too.

I spent these years at university and working at Sanctuary and although it was tough, I believe that studying and working helps show the importance of hard work and it helps us to grow and develop. It can help redefine our life without depending on others. I started working as a practices manager at Sanctuary thai massage and spa in 2016.  I am now working as the full time manager, I would like to improve the business to get better and better. I am here to listen to you and what you would like to see Sanctuary improve in.


Hello I’m Nam which means “water’ in Thai, which reflects my style of massage therapy. I am fluid in my ability to adapt to your needs and can be strong or gentle when required. I came to New Zealand to study English after I finished University in Thailand. When I was in Thailand I worked so hard that I often got headaches and to get rid of this I always went and got a massage. This is one reason I decided to become a massage therapist. I have been working at Sanctuary for over six years and I really enjoy the atmosphere and culture here. I am petite in size and sometimes my clients think that because of my size I could only give them a soft gentle massage. However once they have asked me for a strong and firm sports massage they will always come back! I believe I deliver the best sports massage at Sanctuary but I can also switch it up and provide a deeply relaxing Thai fusion massage. Why don’t you try one and see why size doesn’t matter for yourself 🙂


Hello I’m “OA” ad I have over eight years of massage therapy experience. I love to see my clients leave feeling relaxed and mobile. I believe that part of giving a great massage is about giving off positive and clean energy from myself to my clients. After a massage from me you will feel refreshed and deeply relaxed. If you’ve had a long hard day at work then I am here to help put your mind and body at rest.


Greetings, I’m Em, I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I graduated from Rajamangala University of Technology and am currently studying english here in New Zealand. Bangkok is a busy city where everyone is rushing around and in a hurry. People get so stressed out, which is why we all go to get a massage. It’s so engrained into our culture! My mum especially loves massages which is why I took a course to become a massage therapist, so that I could give her a massage almost everyday. When you need a good strong massage I am here to help you. I will take all your stress away!


Hello, I’m Natty and I am originally from Bangkok. I studied and Naresaun University in Thailand as a physiotherapist. I have been in New Zealand working as a massage therapist for over three years. I am currently studying alongside working here at Sanctuary. I really enjoy seeing my clients and getting to learn English while I work. My customers always comment on how small I am, but my massages are so strong and firm. I can also deliver soft and gentle Thai fusion massages that will leave you feeling relaxed and energised. No matter the massage I deliver you will always feel great the day after!


Hello I’m Noungnut, but my family and friends call me Nouch. I arrived in New Zealand in 2019 and instantly fell in love with this country. It has been a great experience so far and I am continue to learn more about this country everyday! When I moved here everyone said I would get homesick but I love it so much and I’m only really missing my two kids back home. I have been a massage therapist for over 15 years, and have worked mainly in hospitals. My expertise is around helping clients who suffer from pain and chronic discomfort. I will deliver a massage that will certainly help you get better. Some of my patients have said I have “Magic” fingers because they are strong and can do wonders for your body. If you would like to get a magic massage then I am the therapist for you!


Hello I’m Choom. My kids call me “Super Mum”. I am a hard worker and will do the best at whatever I put my mind to. My previous experience was as a nurse working in a hospital in Thailand. I used to get a massage after a hard day at work to help me relax my body and mind. I really loved this so much that I learnt massage therapy in Thailand. I enjoyed learning massage therapy so much that I switched professions and became a full time massage therapist. I truly believe that massage can bring you great benefits to your life and I can help deliver a session designed to relax your body and your mind.


Hello, I’m Pat and I’m originally from Ubon Ratchathani in North Eastern Thailand. This area is called Thailand’s “Isan” region and is situated on the border with Laos and Cambodia. I have over twelve years of experience as a massage therapist, and have been working for six years as one in New Zealand. I cater to many different ages and will often see clients who suffer from neck, shoulder or back problems. Usually sustained whilst working in an office environment where they have to sit for long periods of time. I can give you a strong or soft massage and relaxation is always a priority for me. Whenever you feel you need a massage, I will be here for you.


Hello I’m Anna and I’m originally from Chiangrai in Thailand. I have been in New Zealand for over two years and I really love it here. The people here are so nice and easy going and I really feel lucky to be able to work in this country! My background in massage therapy has been mainly in 5 star hotels having to deliver a high level of service for my clients. I have over 8 years experience and can provide a massage that will suit your needs. Whether you like a strong and firm massage, or a gentle and deeply relaxing one. I can provide you with a quality service tailored to your needs. I hope to see you at Sanctuary soon!